Upper Shock Absorber

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Our range of Upper and Side Shock Absorbers meets the highest standards of quality which provides them superior performance for a longer period of time. Available in flexible designs and superior quality our polyurethane Upper and Side Shock Absorbers are offered as per the requirements of our clients at industry leading prices.
Hydraulic hammers, which are so powerful they are often mounted on tractors, have a compartment of pressurized, non-compressible hydraulic oil. Force is exerted onto this canister, creating an exponential amount of force on all sides of the canister. This force is captured and used to exert tons of pressure.
Hydraulic hammers are used to drive steel rods deep into the ground, drill blasting holes for quarry work, and drive piles for building or fence foundations. Other times, hydraulic hammers are used to break up old buildings, roads or vehicles. The power in the hammer depends on how large the compression chamber is and how much force is exerted on the fluid in the chamber.
Within working process of Hydraulic Breaker (Hammer) there is high vibration oscillation inside of machine. To dampen vibration the Upper and Side Polyurethane Dampers are in binding use. In accordance with specification of Hydraulic Hammer and type of rock we can offer various hardness of Polyurethane Dampers, which are in our manufacturing.